Ekowood Hardwood Flooring

Ekowood Hardwood Flooring

The Best of European Technology and Malaysian Industry for Superior Quality

TSH Resources Berhad is a public company listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.  Founded over 30 years ago, TSH's activities are well diversified, encompassing the processing of woodbased products, agroforestry, palm oil industry and food industry.   Ekowood 3-ply parquet  (engineered hardwood flooring) is now exported to Europe, America, countries in the Pacific Region and Australia.

Culling from the best of British, German and  Italian technology, TSH is able to produce quality 3-ply parquet (engineered hard wood flooring) that meets the exacting standards of German, Japanese and American.  TSH has abundant source of high quality Hevea, thus ensuring adequate, continuous and reliable supply for raw materials for TSH's manufacturing facilities.

TSH also manages a Forest Management Unit (FMU) of some 123,000 hectares of timber resources on a sustainable renewable basis.  Thus, in addition to its Hevea supply, through its FMU, TSH has a continuous supply of raw materials for its operations for the next 100 years.