Atlas Concorde Tile

Atlas Concorde Tile

Atlas Concorde was founded in 1969, and was the forefather to the Concorde Group, now the world’s leading Italian ceramics group. We continue to look to the future, because we know where we come from and are committed for 50 years to writing new pages of this wonderful story each and every day.

Our collections are present, at global level, in important residential and commercial projects, public and private and in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Atlas Concorde surfaces bring personality and style to creations, showcasing the aesthetic and technical quality of a range that is unique in terms of its attention to deal and completeness.

An extensive, high-quality catalogue of products
We offer a vast number of sizes, colours, finishes and special pieces, telling a tale that began long ago, one made up of style and technology, which best expresses itself via a wide range of solutions with advanced technical and style content.

Inspired by the material
Marble, stone, wood, textile, concrete, relief, decorations, material, design. All the motifs that inspire our ceramic are explored in their every detail and presented with an additional interpretation that adds value with respect to the original material.

Porcelain floor tiles
Stoneware is an extraordinary material. Its technical characteristics make it the ideal choice on many fronts, in that it is easy to apply, clean, use and maintain, and that’s not all. Salubrity and environmental sustainability are two more peculiarities of stoneware, which makes the product the safest choice for residential, commercial and public flooring, cladding and surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.

White body ceramic wall tiles
Alongside porcelain tile, we propose a wide range of products created with white body technology, perfect for indoor cladding, significantly expanding the design possibilities. Technical and aesthetic value combine, in a perfect synthesis of beauty, installation practicality, cleaning ease and durability. Our ceramic white body cladding is a unique material, designed in harmony with stoneware, to create beautiful integrated projects.